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The best DIY book on natural living.

This book is packed full of overĀ 215 home remedies, natural beauty recipes and DIY household products.

In my opinion this author feels that you are taking huge steps in improving your life and others around you. So If you just want to jump in head first or start making one change at a time, the hands on approach is for beginners or if you just want to go a little deeper with living a natural life then this is one of the best books.

I like the fact that she explains the science behind all the remedies of how and why they work. She addresses the age old question ” Does it really work” and the answer is simple as YES and NO. As she further explains that nothing can hold up to the most powerful and potentially dangerous chemicals in retail cleaners or products and even modern medicine.

But making your own natural homeopathic products and remedies work also. Its all about changing your mindset of how things work and putting effort and patience into something that can work she explains.

She makes a really good point on saying ” Lets stop sacrificing our health and happiness for convenience” and give our bodies and environment around us a chance to heal from the inside out. Make your own natural products, build your own natural pantry and fill it with DIY household products and home remedies.

I really do believe you will like all the informative information you are given to Living a Natural Life.