When Anxiety Is Taking Over Your Marriage/What Can You Do?

How To Tell If Anxiety In Your Marriage Is Taking Over

Is anxiety taking over marriage

Has anxiety taken over your marriage? Hi, my name is Robbin and I have some questions to ask you. Is anxiety affecting the way you communicate with your partner? Does it make you turn into a person that’s not in control that you don’t even recognize?

Well, you are not alone because I’ve had each and every one of these afflictions and more. I actually don’t even remember when it all started exactly, but I do recall having anxiety and panic attacks at an early age. I think I’m just naturally wired to worry but not to the extent it takes over your life.Suffering from anxiety. Is anxiety taking over your marriage?

Is anxiety taking over your marriage

So I will give you a scenario of time where my anxiety and panic attacks got so out of control that I just couldn’t listen to the voice of reason. That voice of reason was my husband and it didn’t matter how much he told me to calm myself and take deep breaths I just seen it as an attack from him and he just didn’t understand. I mean how can you just sit there and tell me to take a deep breath because all I felt was sheer panic and I was surely going to LOSE my MIND or even worse DIE!

Those Were Some Really Dark Days In Our Marriage Dealing With Anxiety!

There was a period of time that they were happening so frequently that he finally lost his patience with me. It didn’t matter how empathetic he would be I just seen him as being irritated. At the very most he just wanted to fix it for me and he would go down a list logic questions for me to answer and that just made it worse so we got to a point where it was hard for him to deal with me. So I decided to see the Dr and try meds but honestly, it only made things worse and it created more problems.

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 Learn how to discuss your anxiety in your marriage

We decided finally that this was obviously not going to fix itself and we needed to consider therapy. I also started taking an all natural approach to helping me to combat this. With a whole lot of prayer and taking all natural supplements, I can say I’m doing so much better and I and my husband have mended and healed from all the stress.

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