Assembling your own DIY Natural Pantry

Learn the benefits of assembling and using all natural products


Learn The Benefits Of Assembling And Using All Natural Products

  • Can you build your own natural pantry with all organic products?

  • Can you make small changes one step at a time?

  • Can you replace the products you use now with all natural ingredients?

  • Is it complicated and will this work?

  • Will this save me money?

  • Is there step by step instructions?

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You can scour the internet for hours looking for all the DIY products to make at home and still not get all the valuable information you will get with this book.

  1. 215+Home Remedies, Natural Beauty Recipes and DIY Household Products.
  2. Including but not limited to an extensive list of health issues from Arthritis, Colds, Bloating, and Heartburn to Weight loss.
  3. Learn how to replace common cleaners with all natural products that have no potentially dangerous chemicals.
  4. Beauty (conditions) Including from Acne, Dandruff, Dry Skin, Sunburn, Warts. Make your own Beauty products and save money at the same time. Example: Bath Bombs can be very expensive!
  5. Detailed step by step instructions on how the products work. List of all the ingredients you will need and where to find them.
  6. This is for the beginner or for the expert that wants to further their knowledge.

 “Excerpt from the book”

Now to address what many people will inevitably wonder at as they read this-does this stuff really work? The answer to that is yes, and no. Nothing can hold up to the powerful and potent chemicals in store bought cleaners and modern medications, but that doesn’t mean natural techniques don’t work.

It does not mean you are settling for anything less-just something different. It takes a little more elbow grease, a little more effort, and a fair bit of patience. You may have to retrain your brain to grasp a new definition of what “works.” Does a cleaner have to dissolve something before your very eyes to be satisfied?

are you willing to pass up the chemicals and possibly wait a little longer for it to work? The same thing goes for some medication. We often sacrifice health and happiness for convenience, but once you rid yourself of the extreme results some modern-day techniques give, you will be surprised at just how successful you really can be.

I will happily admit, sometimes you will find in this book that there really is nothing to explain or justify a remedy-it just is! I love classic and traditional remedies that, for no known scientific reason, have worked in some way or another for hundreds of years.”

Receive all the information in one book on how to begin your journey to living a holistic natural life!


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