How To Overcome A Derailed Marriage/ Learn The Steps To Get It Back On Track

How to get back your marriage

Marriage And Divorce (And How To Prevent It)

If your marriage is ‘on the rocks’ and you’re worried that your spouse is thinking about asking for a divorce, then this article is for you.  I’ll explain a few signs to look for that indicate your wife is thinking about divorce. I’ll tell you how to stop it and how to begin repairing your marriage.

So, let’s dive into the first sign to look for…

Sign #1 – Arguing Over Anything & Everything.

Yes, it’s no secret that an increase in the frequency and intensity of arguments with your partner are a clear indication that all is not well with your marriage.  Now, don’t panic here just because you and your spouse are fighting a few times a week. Every married couple will disagree and have conflicts from time to time, and it’s a healthy thing to argue now and then. As long as they lead to resolutions or don’t leave lingering hard feelings.

When those arguments become daily occurrences and tend to arise over almost anything, then that’s when things get a bit dicier.  For example, if you arriving 5 minutes late for a dinner date turns into a massive screaming match and results in both of you going to bed angry for the third time in a week, then that’s a problem.  These kinds of arguments happen frequently and tend to blow small grievances or disagreements way out of proportion, can indicate that your marriage is headed in the wrong direction.

Most of the time, couples who argue too often but have otherwise healthy marriages can repair this problem relatively quickly.  In simple terms, if you and your spouse fight too much or often argue over small issues, you need to learn how to prevent the useless arguments and have more important disagreements in a more civilized and constructive manner.

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Now, another and potentially more serious indication of an unhealthy marriage is when one or both of you stops trying to resolve conflict at all. Which leads me to the next point….

Sign #2 – No Longer Willing To Resolve Conflict or Find Solutions.

If your partner seems to no longer care about the outcome of a fight, or if they seem to feel as though trying to find a solution to your problems is pointless or hopeless, then that can be a clear indication of deeper troubles.  When this kind of despair sets in, your partner may withdraw further and feel as though there will never be a way for the two of you to live together in peace.  That’s not a good thing, and it’s something that you need to work on if this has become a problem in your marriage.Marriage on the rocks. Get the help you need to save your marriage.

Sign #3 – Lack of Emotional Connection and Withdrawal of Affection.

If your wife has become distant and stopped showing affection towards you, that can also be a strong indication that they’re mentally checking out of the marriage.  Often associated with this are an overall lack of emotional connection and a lack of willingness to discuss or show feelings and emotions.

In my experience, this is one of the most visible signs that a marriage is headed in the wrong direction.  Usually, though, it’s more a symptom than a root problem, and resolving the core issues of your marriage can usually help re-build the emotional connection and lead your spouse to begin showing affection again.

If you see this symptom as well as some of the others on this list, start taking action to stop the degradation of your marriage. Click Here To Learn 3 Techniques

Sign #4 – Rarely or never having sex.

Sex can be a symptom of other problems in your marriage — if you’re always fighting and there’s no emotional connection, the sex is going to disappear as well.

But it can also be a problem of its own and lead to a marriage crisis, whether it’s caused by fading attraction or a low sex drive.

Either way, a sexless marriage is almost always a marriage on the fast track to divorce, so if your spouse seems uninterested in sex or makes excuses, that’s a clear indication of problems.

Sign #5 – Your spouse is absent more often or seems pre-occupied.

If your partner is staying out late more often, and showing less interest in family and spending time together, that may be an indication that they are either unhappy with the situation at home.  It may also be that they’re preparing mentally for life apart, building a social life or possibly even dating.  Hopefully, that’s not the case, and don’t prematurely accuse your spouse of this just because they’re less home often, but it is a possibility.

Simply put, if you’re spending less time with your wife than you have in the past or if she seems distant and pre-occupied when you are spending time together, that can be a clear sign of a spouse mentally struggling with the decision to end a marriage.

Next Steps: Where to go from here…

First, let’s make one thing clear: just because your partner is exhibiting a couple of the behaviors that I just talked about doesn’t mean that they’re planning to file for divorce.  It may simply be that these are indicators of trouble ahead in your marriage. If you’ve seen several of these indicators in your spouse recently, and you feel that things aren’t on track with your marriage, I encourage you to act to turn things around now before matters get any worse.

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When Anxiety Is Taking Over Your Marriage/What Can You Do?

How To Tell If Anxiety In Your Marriage Is Taking Over

Is anxiety taking over marriage

Has anxiety taken over your marriage? Hi, my name is Robbin and I have some questions to ask you. Is anxiety affecting the way you communicate with your partner? Does it make you turn into a person that’s not in control that you don’t even recognize?

Well, you are not alone because I’ve had each and every one of these afflictions and more. I actually don’t even remember when it all started exactly, but I do recall having anxiety and panic attacks at an early age. I think I’m just naturally wired to worry but not to the extent it takes over your life.Suffering from anxiety. Is anxiety taking over your marriage?

Is anxiety taking over your marriage

So I will give you a scenario of time where my anxiety and panic attacks got so out of control that I just couldn’t listen to the voice of reason. That voice of reason was my husband and it didn’t matter how much he told me to calm myself and take deep breaths I just seen it as an attack from him and he just didn’t understand. I mean how can you just sit there and tell me to take a deep breath because all I felt was sheer panic and I was surely going to LOSE my MIND or even worse DIE!

Those Were Some Really Dark Days In Our Marriage Dealing With Anxiety!

There was a period of time that they were happening so frequently that he finally lost his patience with me. It didn’t matter how empathetic he would be I just seen him as being irritated. At the very most he just wanted to fix it for me and he would go down a list logic questions for me to answer and that just made it worse so we got to a point where it was hard for him to deal with me. So I decided to see the Dr and try meds but honestly, it only made things worse and it created more problems.

If You Want More Info On What Put Us On A Better Path Click Here:

 Learn how to discuss your anxiety in your marriage

We decided finally that this was obviously not going to fix itself and we needed to consider therapy. I also started taking an all natural approach to helping me to combat this. With a whole lot of prayer and taking all natural supplements, I can say I’m doing so much better and I and my husband have mended and healed from all the stress.

If you find yourself in this kind of similar situation click here for more info:

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Mental Disorders and Its Afflictions/How to get help

Learn about Mental Disorders

Mental Disorders Treatments

Depression is a mental disorder where a person has a prolonged period of sadness, unhappiness, helplessness, hopelessness or worthlessness. These feelings often get worse over a period of time, causing a person to have feelings of self-doubt, severe despondency and rejection.

Depression is an extremely common illness. There are approximately 350 million people living in the world today who are affected by it and it is the leading cause for a visit to see a GP or doctor. Mental illnesses also have a stigma attached to it that people who suffer from it are weak which leads to them not seeking treatment – less than half of all of the people with depression are currently engaging in any kind of treatment for it. Long-lasting and moderate or severe depression can be a serious health condition. It can cause an affected person to suffer terribly, leading to problems with work, breakdowns in close relationships and lead to poor physical health.

The worst cases of depression can lead to a sufferer taking his or her own life. An estimated 1 million people worldwide every year commit suicide because of depression. Half of all the people who die by suicide have a major depressive disorder.

The World Health Organization have reported that by the year 2020, depression will be the second biggest cause of premature death in the world, heart disease will be the only illness or disease that causes more. Mental Disorder Treatments. Learn Ways treatment can help. 

What Causes Depression? 

There are many different causes of depression. It has many different triggers and there are multiple reasons it can develop.

Personal Factors are known to trigger depression. Those who have a tendency to worry a lot, have low self-esteem, are sensitive to personal criticism, are severely overweight, perfectionists or those with a self-critical and a negative mindset all have a higher risk of developing the condition.    

Depression has been known to run in families and some people will be at an increased hereditary or genetic risk. This does not mean that a person will automatically experience depression if a parent or close relative has had the illness though. Life circumstances and other personal factors are still likely to have an important influence.

Having a serious medical illness can trigger depression in two ways. Serious illnesses can bring about depression directly or can contribute to depression through associated stress and worry, especially if it involves long-term management of the illness and/or chronic pain.

Drug and alcohol use can both lead to and result from depression. Many people with depression also have drug and alcohol problems.

Click Here To Learn More On How To Treat Your Depression:

Learn the tools for mental disorders

Symptoms of Depression 

Signs and symptoms of depression include:

  • Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.
    A bleak outlook—nothing will ever get better and there’s nothing you can do to improve your situation.
  • Loss of interest in daily activities.
    No interest in former hobbies, pastimes, social activities, or sex. You’ve lost your ability to feel joy and pleasure.
  • Appetite or weight changes.
    Significant weight loss or weight gain—a change of more than 5% of body weight in a month.
  • Sleep changes.
    Either insomnia, especially waking in the early hours of the morning or oversleeping.
  • Anger or irritability.
    Feeling agitated, restless, or even violent. Your tolerance level is low, your temper short, and everything and everyone gets on your nerves.
  • Loss of energy.
    Feeling fatigued, sluggish, and physically drained. Your whole body may feel heavy, and even small tasks are exhausting or take longer to complete.
  • Self-loathing.
    Strong feelings of worthlessness or guilt. You harshly criticize yourself for perceived faults and mistakes.
  • Reckless behavior.
    You engage in escapist behavior such as substance abuse, compulsive gambling, reckless driving, or dangerous sports.
  • Concentration problems.
    Trouble focusing, making decisions or remembering things.
  • Unexplained aches and pains.
    An increase in physical complaints such as headaches, back pain, aching muscles, and stomach pain.

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Psychologist vs. Psychiatrist

Learn reasons why you need to see a psychologist.
Psychology help and solutions to psychiatric problems and mental health.

Psychologist vs. Psychiatrist, which one, you might be asking yourself? Depending on what kind of treatment you are looking for, it varies. So let’s break down on why we would need to seek help mental help.

First and foremost always seek medical attention ASAP if you feel suicidal or want to take your own life. PLEASE CALL: 1 -800-273-8255 OPEN 24/7

Having a mental health condition is no different than having an ailment or condition that is persistent and needs a Dr’s care. So why do we treat it so differently?

I think a lot of times we are in denial that there is something wrong. Confuse feeling blue as depression. Or what will people think of me if I do tell someone or seek treatment? There is still a stigma surrounding mental health issues. With everything that is going on in our world with an uprise in suicides, you would think everybody should be discussing it more.

 We’ve made some progress but so much more needs to be done! With so much social media coverage out there we really need to start targeting how and where to get help. We all need to be advocates for mental health and make treatment more available all across the board. This is nothing to be ashamed of.

I’m not just an advocate for mental health treatment, I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks myself. I was in a serious accident when I was a teen and the result from it I was diagnosed with PTSD. That was very many years ago. There are still times that I struggle and I have to learn to focus on what I’m feeling and if I need to talk with someone I reach out.

It took me a great number of years to even tell anyone what I was feeling. I felt so isolated and thought people would think I was crazy. Anxiety and Panic attacks can be so paralyzing and can take over hours and days of your life. You become a prisoner of your own mind and body. It can be a very vicious cycle.

My life is better now that I know what some of my triggers are. There have been times it just happens and I don’t know why. But I have developed some behavioral therapy exercises that help immensely. My hope is, with more people talking and keeping this dialogue on mental health issues, it will save peoples lives.

difference between psychologist and psychiatrist

Here is just a brief explanation of what Psychologist vs. Psychiatrist differences are:

A psychologist is a good place to start if you are having recurring issues such as.

  • Life has become challenging

  • Loss of Loved one or someone you cared about

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Family and Relationship Issues

  • Addictions

  • Phobias

I really think the most general question most people have is not knowing what the differences are between a psychologist, psychiatrist and a therapist.

Psychologist and improving your mental health.

Goal Of A Therapist

A Therapist goal is to help patients make decisions, clarify their feelings and to help solve problems. This is very good for being able to talk openly about issues you may be having. A therapist can usually see both sides of a situation and help find solutions.

The Role Of A Psychologists

 A Psychologist that is licensed is qualified to do counseling and psychotherapy, perform psychological testing, and provide treatment for mental disorders. They are not are not medical doctors. Which means that they can’t write prescriptions or do medical procedures. A lot of psychologists work together with a psychiatrist or medical doctor who provides the medical treatment for mental illness while the psychologist provides the psychotherapy.Stress and Anxiety can cause Psychiatric Issues. Learn here to get help from a psychologist.

What Does A Psychiatrist Do

A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating mental illness.  A psychiatrist is trained to know the differences between mental health issues from underlying medical conditions that could cause psychiatric symptoms. Psychiatrist monitors the effects of mental illness and physical conditions in the body. As a doctor, they are licensed to write prescriptions.

Mental Health disorders such as anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues can be treated effectively with certain drugs. Psychiatrist focuses a lot on medical treatment and management. Sometimes medication prescribed is enough but also counseling may be added if needed.

Here are some recommended books:

psychologist or psychiatristpsychologist or psychiatristpshyciatrypsychologist verses psychiatrist





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5 Helpful Tips For Effective Communication

Communication is key for a healthy relationship

Communication is a vital part of the human race andwhen you are dealing with a Crisis or breakdown, how to communicate can sometimes be tricky to navigate. Click Here For More Information:

  1. Being confident with what you have to say or think brings solid trust to the conversation. Take time out every day to share your opinions and feelings so you’re not bottling them up. People who are timid to speak their feelings don’t feel it would change the situation and don’t value themselves. It is very helpful to have good self-esteem because every human is valuable and deserves to be heard.
  2. Be a good listener! Be that person’s mirror! Avoid being distracted and make good eye contact. Be patient and show the respect that you are listing by engaging and asking questions.
  3. Finding Common Ground is crucial because by putting yourself in one others shoes makes you take a look at the other’s perspective. It can bring resolution to the problem.
  4. Practice communicating your needs and work thru what is actually a priority for the both of you. Communicating effectively takes time and the more you practice the better you will get.
  5. Knowing when to walk away and calm down is also VERY CRUCIAL! If the argument does not seem to be solving anything, agree to put it down and when things have calmed you can approach the topic again.
Communication and a healthy relationship
5Tips To Effective Communication

For More Information On Relationship Advice Click Here:

Seize the moment and apply these simple tips and I assure you that you will become a more effective communicator.

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Recognizing Anxiety: Symptoms, Signs, and Risk Factors

When one experiences feelings of anxiety or stress, your body’s physiological response is to send a rush of blood to your brain that carries hormones and chemicals designed to help you respond to a threat.While often necessary and helpful in some cases, frequent occurrences of this nature may be harmful in the long term.

For the most of us, anxiety can stem from Depression, Genetics, Panic Disorder and Social Anxiousness to just name a few. Some symptoms like a fast heart rate, feeling of pending DOOM, rise in Blood Pressure, Sweating. Prolonged anxiety may lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and loss of appetite. Some studies have shown there to be a possible link between anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

anxiety disorders and all-natural treatments
In a world where pharmaceutical medications are readily prescribed to treat anxiety disorders, people are searching for natural and non-harmful alternatives. Click Here For Additional Info

From television hosts to media publications and magazines, natural, holistic methods are the hottest topic of discussion with their benefits and efficacy now being enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Anxiety Effects Millions of Americans…

Put an end to anxiety and take back control of your life. See what amazing benefits it can do for you, and finally get the stress free life you deserve. For people searching for solutions to reducing Anxiety and Stress Naturally, Click here for more info:

natural alternatives

This is an all too common condition in most peoples lives. You may have experienced anxiety in the past, whether it be new social situations, public speaking, or sitting on an exam. Anxiety is a physiological response to antagonizing stimuli, whether that be external or internally manifested. The physiological effects may include an increase in your breathing and heart rate, which consequently concentrates the blood flow to your brain, where you need it.

This response is adjusting your body’s biochemistry in order to endure an intense situation. If this physiological response gets too intense, however, you might start to feel lightheaded and nauseous. When experienced in excess, anxiety can have a very detrimental effect on your physical and mental well being. Click Here For More Info:


Panic attacks cause troubling physical symptoms, including irregular heart patterns, chest pains, and faintness. Often, people with anxiety disorder have an overwhelming sense of uncertainty that leads to stress and panic. Panic attacks can lead to anxiety over further attacks, so your brain continues to release stress hormones. This can lead to headaches, muscle tension, and loss of sexual desire. Anxiety disorders increase the risk of clinical depression and substance abuse. Anxiety disorders may cause an increase in heart rate, palpitations, and a pressing feeling in the chest. It increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and severely impacts blood flow regularity. Anxiety may be the cause of a rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing. People that suffer from an anxiety disorder may have an increased risk of respiratory illness like influenza and the common cold. At extremes, people who suffer from regular respiratory impairments from anxiety may have to be hospitalized. All info provided by Healthtrader.

Trying cognitive behavioral therapy or counseling is always a healthier option also: Click here for more info:

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Healthy and Naturally Simple Intermittent Fasting made Safe?

easiest way to lose belly fat

Fasting made easier! Trick Your Body Into Burning Fat Like You’re On A Low Carb Diet!

Doing Low Carb WRONG Keeps You TRAPPED In The “Carb-Loop” Cycle Of Cravings and Weight Gain. Let’s just dive in and give you the meat of the plan. Enjoy eating yummy carbs every day in order to burn more fat.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you will optimize your fat-burning hormones. Experience all the benefits of a 24-hour low carb diet without being low carb. Carbs at night trigger serotonin release which makes you feel good and lets you sleep like a baby…

Escape your “Carb-Loop” cravings and enjoyably lose all the weight you want without the hunger, brain fog, or low energy suffered by most “dieters”… Lose more weight and trim more inches from your waist than other folks who are eating the same amount of carbs and calories!

Enjoy the freedom of eating delicious foods every evening with your family or your friends. (instead of watching jealously as they eat “normal” food while you submit yourself to another portion of boring “diet” food) More information on The Benefits of Fasting for Half A Day can be found at

So I want to share with you a really quick Review  Video about The Half Day Diet.


Have You been trying to lose weight but failing over and over again? It’s virtually impossible to stay in the relative calorie deficit necessary for fat loss, at least for any meaningful length of time, if you’re making poor food choices.

You can’t cut calories while eating crap and expect to stay the course. And this is where point systems or other calorie counting diets fail. You’re not going to be able to stay on a diet plan for long if you’re eating low-calorie lasagna, fudge cake, or “snack packs.” Fake foods like these are just empty calories with no functional nutrients.

They have no effects on satiety or on the hormones that regulate appetite and energy intake. You’ll feel hungry, deprived, and miserable if you’re dieting on that kind of food. In other words, you’ll constantly feel like you’re Dieting. This is why people YO YO and fail.

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How to Reduce Stress Naturally!

It’s not often that you find a product that is so effective in just a short amount of time. The author Greg had struggled to overcome the never-ending pain of an injury from the past but says now “it lifted my emotional threshold, and it enables me to quickly melt away the stress that builds up each day”. He also added that It’s super fast and easy and he is more productive and enjoys life more.

Learn ways to combat stress

So I want to do a really quick review of 7 Minute Mindfulness. I got my hands on it a few weeks ago and I wanted to give you a personal review into what I liked about it, but also what I didn’t like.

I’m guessing you’re interested in reducing your stress and having more clarity in your own life. If you’ve searched and found this product on the internet you would be thinking,” Just another meditation guru”! So starting with is what I’m also not a huge fan of is Meditation also.

 But on the other hand, there’s a lot I loved about it. Starting with it only takes 7 minutes a day and it’s effective at removing stress. Also, the breathing technique helps you properly breathe which releases tension and as you might have seen elsewhere, I really liked that it transforms your brain. I also want to point out that there must be 2 things for meditation to work:  It must be fast and it must be easy!

I know you might wonder what is the difference between Meditation and Mindfulness? Meditation is just one Mindfulness method and Mindfulness can be working for you all the time!!!

Learn techniques to remove stress

For more information on ways to reduce stress click here:

Mindfulness can improve your entire life!!! And who couldn’t use some transformation in at least one area of your life? Mindfulness allows us to flourish physically, mentally and emotionally

As I discovered it only takes 7 minutes to relax your body and mind and watch yourself relieve all that stress! The benefits last for hours, days and even weeks.

If you want, you can…

  • Become a better communicator
  • Achieve great goals
  • Be a better partner or parent
  • Improve your career, sport, or accomplishments
  • Make the most of life
  • Have the mental space for whatever you want right now.

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Assembling your own DIY Natural Pantry

Learn the benefits of assembling and using all natural products


Learn The Benefits Of Assembling And Using All Natural Products

  • Can you build your own natural pantry with all organic products?

  • Can you make small changes one step at a time?

  • Can you replace the products you use now with all natural ingredients?

  • Is it complicated and will this work?

  • Will this save me money?

  • Is there step by step instructions?

Click here if these are some questions that you want to get answers to.

You can scour the internet for hours looking for all the DIY products to make at home and still not get all the valuable information you will get with this book.

  1. 215+Home Remedies, Natural Beauty Recipes and DIY Household Products.
  2. Including but not limited to an extensive list of health issues from Arthritis, Colds, Bloating, and Heartburn to Weight loss.
  3. Learn how to replace common cleaners with all natural products that have no potentially dangerous chemicals.
  4. Beauty (conditions) Including from Acne, Dandruff, Dry Skin, Sunburn, Warts. Make your own Beauty products and save money at the same time. Example: Bath Bombs can be very expensive!
  5. Detailed step by step instructions on how the products work. List of all the ingredients you will need and where to find them.
  6. This is for the beginner or for the expert that wants to further their knowledge.

 “Excerpt from the book”

Now to address what many people will inevitably wonder at as they read this-does this stuff really work? The answer to that is yes, and no. Nothing can hold up to the powerful and potent chemicals in store bought cleaners and modern medications, but that doesn’t mean natural techniques don’t work.

It does not mean you are settling for anything less-just something different. It takes a little more elbow grease, a little more effort, and a fair bit of patience. You may have to retrain your brain to grasp a new definition of what “works.” Does a cleaner have to dissolve something before your very eyes to be satisfied?

are you willing to pass up the chemicals and possibly wait a little longer for it to work? The same thing goes for some medication. We often sacrifice health and happiness for convenience, but once you rid yourself of the extreme results some modern-day techniques give, you will be surprised at just how successful you really can be.

I will happily admit, sometimes you will find in this book that there really is nothing to explain or justify a remedy-it just is! I love classic and traditional remedies that, for no known scientific reason, have worked in some way or another for hundreds of years.”

Receive all the information in one book on how to begin your journey to living a holistic natural life!


Bonus Books: Everyday Herbs-Your Guide to Holistic Herbs

107 Uses for Coconut oil for everyday use

                       Lifetime Membership

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Helpful Article

Learning to make your own DIY natural beauty products is super simple and full of natural benefits. Take a look at this video to see how simple it is. Making all-natural products has never been any easier to make and the most ingredients may be found in your local supermarkets.

Building your own natural pantry doesn’t have to be complicated so I just wanted to show that even some of the best actresses in Hollywood are making their own DIY products. Staying healthy and trying to have all natural products don’t have to cost a fortune. You just have to find the know how’s and what ingredients work together for the best outcome.


Ways to make DIY Natural Beauty Products instead of using the store bought.

Instead of your regular lotion, coconut oil delivers a refreshing, healing, burst of moisture that penetrates your skin and works to truly heal it (not just soak in and dry up!) It can feel oily at first, but that’s why it’s important to only use a little-it goes a long way. Give it a minute and it will dry beautifully. Use as you would regular lotion.

There is no proven way to completely prevent stretch marks- if or how extreme you get them actually comes down largely to genetics-but anecdotal evidence is strong: keeping your belly soft and moisturized seems to help. Coconut oil is deeply nourishing and doesn’t just provide empty moisture that dries up quickly.

Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it penetrates the skin to provide moisture and (possibly) elasticity, as well as forming a barrier to help retain moisture. Apply 1-2 times daily over the course of pregnancy.

Our bodies are rich with bacteria that are naturally present, and necessary, to maintain our health. There are instances though where some people find themselves with a specific strain of bacteria (generally thought to be Propionibacterium acnes) that grows its population past the point of being welcome, as too much of it causes acne.

While P. acne is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, coconut oil is an all-natural way to reduce the overgrowth. You can also mix in a little drop of tea tree oil for an extra anti-bacterial kick. Be aware that tea tree has a very…distinct aroma. Not bad per say, just strong.

Common Natural Beauty Products To Use On Your Body

DIY natural beauty products made at home

Make-up is on your face. Your face is something you would like to protect. So when it comes to removing make-up, don’t turn for harsher store bought products. Go instead to coconut oil, which gently and safely removes all traces of make-up (and leaves your face feeling healthy and refreshed.)

Simply scoop some onto your fingertips (it will melt quickly as you use it) and rub it over makeup in a circular motion, rinsing with water afterward to remove traces of makeup and patting your face dry. It works well with eye makeup, waterproof or not, as well. You can use a mild soap if you wish to remove all traces of the oil.

One of my personal favorites uses for coconut oil is serving as a base for body or face scrubs. You can melt some down, stir in some sugar, let it cool, and then use as is. Or, for a fun little project, meltdown about a half cup of coconut oil and pour into a muffin tin, soap mold, or anything of the like, and stir in 2-4 tablespoons of white or brown sugar.

You can add more if you would like the texture to be coarser. I usually let it cool some before adding the sugar so you don’t just dissolve the grains. Pop it in the fridge and let it solidify and cool completely before removing from the mold.

Slice off a piece when needed and use it to gently scrub and exfoliate your face/body (dampen your skin with water first.) Rinse off, apply moisturizer, and resist the urge to use it again until later in the week, otherwise, you run the risk of drying your skin out.

Click Here to discover the e-book that I found handy that teaches the hands-on approach to create ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS.


Info provided by Youtube and Everyday Roots Book


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