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Learning to make your own DIY natural beauty products is super simple and full of natural benefits. Take a look at this video to see how simple it is. Making all-natural products has never been any easier to make and the most ingredients may be found in your local supermarkets.

Building your own natural pantry doesn’t have to be complicated so I just wanted to show that even some of the best actresses in Hollywood are making their own DIY products. Staying healthy and trying to have all natural products don’t have to cost a fortune. You just have to find the know how’s and what ingredients work together for the best outcome.


Ways to make DIY Natural Beauty Products instead of using the store bought.

Instead of your regular lotion, coconut oil delivers a refreshing, healing, burst of moisture that penetrates your skin and works to truly heal it (not just soak in and dry up!) It can feel oily at first, but that’s why it’s important to only use a little-it goes a long way. Give it a minute and it will dry beautifully. Use as you would regular lotion.

There is no proven way to completely prevent stretch marks- if or how extreme you get them actually comes down largely to genetics-but anecdotal evidence is strong: keeping your belly soft and moisturized seems to help. Coconut oil is deeply nourishing and doesn’t just provide empty moisture that dries up quickly.

Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it penetrates the skin to provide moisture and (possibly) elasticity, as well as forming a barrier to help retain moisture. Apply 1-2 times daily over the course of pregnancy.

Our bodies are rich with bacteria that are naturally present, and necessary, to maintain our health. There are instances though where some people find themselves with a specific strain of bacteria (generally thought to be Propionibacterium acnes) that grows its population past the point of being welcome, as too much of it causes acne.

While P. acne is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, coconut oil is an all-natural way to reduce the overgrowth. You can also mix in a little drop of tea tree oil for an extra anti-bacterial kick. Be aware that tea tree has a very…distinct aroma. Not bad per say, just strong.

Common Natural Beauty Products To Use On Your Body

DIY natural beauty products made at home

Make-up is on your face. Your face is something you would like to protect. So when it comes to removing make-up, don’t turn for harsher store bought products. Go instead to coconut oil, which gently and safely removes all traces of make-up (and leaves your face feeling healthy and refreshed.)

Simply scoop some onto your fingertips (it will melt quickly as you use it) and rub it over makeup in a circular motion, rinsing with water afterward to remove traces of makeup and patting your face dry. It works well with eye makeup, waterproof or not, as well. You can use a mild soap if you wish to remove all traces of the oil.

One of my personal favorites uses for coconut oil is serving as a base for body or face scrubs. You can melt some down, stir in some sugar, let it cool, and then use as is. Or, for a fun little project, meltdown about a half cup of coconut oil and pour into a muffin tin, soap mold, or anything of the like, and stir in 2-4 tablespoons of white or brown sugar.

You can add more if you would like the texture to be coarser. I usually let it cool some before adding the sugar so you don’t just dissolve the grains. Pop it in the fridge and let it solidify and cool completely before removing from the mold.

Slice off a piece when needed and use it to gently scrub and exfoliate your face/body (dampen your skin with water first.) Rinse off, apply moisturizer, and resist the urge to use it again until later in the week, otherwise, you run the risk of drying your skin out.

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